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Reminder :: It is time to clean out your coupon binder & donate

It is month end! Just a quick reminder to clean out your binder and donate your expired coupons instead of throwing them away. We want to share with you awesome way to give back to those serving our Country abroad! You can donate your expired coupons to be used by military families. They are allowed to use expired coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date on base and at the commissaries abroad. They can not use them in the US only overseas.

The one thing that we hate to do is to throw away an expired coupon and now we NEVER have too! For more information you can visit, www.CouponstoTroops or There’s even a project directory that lists several groups around the US that collect coupons to send overseas.

Stockpiling Moms donates all of our expired coupons to our local American Legion Auxiliary.  Check with your local American Legion Auxiliary to see if they participate.

Thanks so much and please consider helping out our military by donating your coupons. It is just a small token of appreciation that we can provide to our military families!



  1. kia says

    awesome way to support the troops and their families. Often, they live off an one income (the person in the military) for an entire family. It’s hard to provide for food, clothing, gas expenses, etc. when only one person is working.

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