The Elf on the Shelf® Day 13

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Our boys were born in Guatemala - Two countries one heart!!

Many people wonder what I do every year for Santa.  Well, fact is I determine who is naughty and nice!  I then report this information back to Santa.  I figure if I cause the trouble while you are sleeping your kids will be good.  Just let them know the trouble is for me this holiday season!

As many of you know Melissa and Shelley both have children who were born in Guatemala!  The conversation at our house turned to what is Christmas like in Guatemala and what is it like here?  Shelley took the opportunity to tell them about Christmas in Guatemala and how it is not a ton different then here.  They looked at pictures of Christmas in Guatemala because Shelley was there one Christmas during her youngest sons process.  They were very interested in this.  So tonight I decided to show them we are united as a family.  Two countries One heart!!  Merry Christmas to all of our Guatemalan friends and family! 

I have many friends that are still looking for a home. If you are interested in some trouble around your house overnight and a way to make your kids be good for you all day, you need an elf!

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