Crockpot Ranch Chicken
Complete Steak Dinner in a Crockpot final
Loaded Chicken and Potatoes Casserole
Breakfast Casserole

Egglands Best FREE Recipe Book Download

Eggland’s Best is excited to announce the launch of our second original eCookbook, “Your Best Recipes” featuring the Top 20 recipes from the first nation-wide Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe Contest”.   These delicious recipes were selected from thousands of entries submitted by at-home chefs and bloggers.  Each recipe highlights a creative way of using EB eggs.

You can download the “Your Best Recipes” eCookbook, a $9.99 value, FREE for a limited time.

There are two easy steps to download our book:

1.  Visit the special promotion page and connect your Facebook account to “like” Eggland’s Best on Facebook.

2.  Once you’ve connected your Facebook account, click the red button to download your eCookbook.

Hurry! This free eCookbook download offer is only available through February 15, 2013.

About Eggland’s Best:

Eggland’s Best is America’s #1 egg, and cooking with Eggland’s Best has never been more nutritious! Compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland’s Best eggs have:

• 25% less Saturated Fat
• 10 times more Vitamin E
• 3 times more Vitamin B12
• 2 times more Vitamin D
• More than double the Omega-3
• 35% more Lutein

…and so much more! Click here to find out about the nutrition in EB eggs.

I personally LOVE Egglands Best Eggs.  Here is a great post n a DIY Mini Greenhouse made with Egglands Best Egg Carton.  There are always coupons available for these Eggs and they are great quality.

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