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Friday is Family “FunDay” :: How to reconnect after a busy week

At our house Friday is Family “FunDay”. This is the time that we spend together and reconnect after a busy week. We love board games at our house. We make make our own pizza for dinner then we pop a huge bowl of popcorn and pick a board game to play together as a family.

Right now my son’s favorite game is Lego Minotaurus. He loves to play it! He actually asked me if he could do a “you tube” video about it and this is the first take with no practice. He loves asking me how many “hits” he has gotten too :-) It is a fun strategic game and one that we all enjoy playing. We have been playing games with our son since he was little. It is a great way to teach sportsmanship and to bond together as a family. In fact we have a huge stockpile of games!

On Friday “FunDay” there is no TV – it is time to unplug and spend time together. We laugh and enjoy our time together as a family. My son calls it “Family Fun Time” so we must be doing something right. Check out his YouTube Video below. I know he would love it!

What types of board games do you like to play as a family?



  1. petra says

    It’s so important to reconnect and enjoy time together as a family. One of our favorite board games is Apples to Apples.

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