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I like to upcycle anything I can instead of throwing it away in the trash. In this case it was gravy jars that I have from the holidays. When the Heinz gravy jars were on sale  before the holidays I stockpiled them for my meals I would be making. After using them for Thanksgiving and Christmas I rinsed them out and held onto them. I still have a quite a few in my pile of containers that I have held onto 😉

The other day I was making Crockpot Pot Roast and had my seasoning – Homemade Pot Roast Mix in a Tupperware container. So I thought I could use one of the glass jars and it would take up less space and store my seasoning better and longer. I labeled the jar by using a Sharpie marker and poured the seasoning into it. Now I can just reuse the same jar and add the seasoning whenever I make it.

The next time you are about to throw out a gravy jar — STOP and place it in the sink to be cleaned and reuse it.  Of course this can be true with any jar that has a nice screw tight lid!

Helpful Tip — Let the jar soak in a sink full of hot dish soap and then the paper label should come right off.

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