How to clean a toilet with denture cleanser tablets

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How to clean a toilet with denture cleanser tablets

Did you know you can clean your toilet with a denture cleanser tablet?  This toilet cleaning tip works great and is so affordable!  Just drop 1 denture tablet into the toilet bowl and then wait for 20 minutes and then flush.  There is no need to brush unless you have stubborn stains.  It is a very affordable way to clean your toilets too!  I picked up this box with 84 tablets for only $2.89!  That is only $.03 each!  As you can see my toilet is sparkling!

One a week I use this Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner and follow up with this denture cleanser tablet in between!  I hope you like this idea as much as we do.  It really keeps my scrubbing toilet days to a minimum as a result of incorporating this into my cleaning routine and helps me clean up for cheap.

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  1. Was that a special price after sale/coupon? or is that what they normally sell for?

  2. I use denture cleaner to clean my rings just drop one tablet in a glass of warm water put your rings in let sit for 10 minutes and rinse dry, perfect!!

  3. I used the denture cleansing tablets last night and it worked like magic!! Can I use them in the tank also?

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