How to write a Thank You Note

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When someone gives you a special gift it is polite to write a thank you note. It is something I was taught by my Mom and something that I taught my son. I was thrilled when Peyton’s teacher taught how to write a thank you note before Christmas to his class. What is funny is that Peyton came home and told me that they learned to write Thank You Notes but that he already knew how to do that ;-) Being polite he didn’t tell the teacher he was already an expert.

You can write thank you notes in a card or on paper. It is the thought that counts.  Be sure to include the following information.

Date – upper right corner including the year

Greeting – (skip 2 lines from the date and align left)

Body/Note – A few lines thanking for the item, call it by name and letting the person know how much you appreciated their kindness.

Closing – (skip 2 lines from body – such as Love, Thanks, Thank You, With Love)


I think the art of writing Thank You notes is not as popular or common as it once was however it is a tradition that I am sure that my son continues and understands.  Do you still write Thank You Notes?



  1. It’s always nice to get a hand written note.

  2. Writing thank you notes is an art, and it is a special treat to receive one. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions.

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