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Kroger Digital Coupon Machines :: Another Way To Save


You may have noticed your Kroger Stores (and affiliates) have new Digital Coupon displays in your stores.  These are available to load digital coupons directly to your card. Digital coupons do NOT double (if your store doubles) and there is a limit 1 per load. Meaning that if you buy 10 items you are going to save only on 1 item purchased with the digital coupon.

Also, if you load a digital coupon it will come off 1st before a paper coupon. I do NOT load digital coupons unless I am strategically planning to use them. Meaning that if there is NO paper coupon available but there is a digital coupon then I will load it. I love that Kroger now offers the ability to load your coupons digitally at the store because it is easy for me to check for available coupons before I check out.  You can also load from your phone by visiting

Be sure to check at your store for this new added feature. There are so nice digital coupons right now that matchup to the sale this week so be sure to check it out!

Be sure to check our weekly Kroger Matchup for more ways to save each week at the store.

Additional Digital Coupon Resources:

You can print more COUPONS and visit our FREE Coupon Database.



  1. Rachel Hartmann says

    I was told during checkout by the cashier that they are no longer refusing the paper coupon if you have a digital coupon on your card. She told me that they were accepting both, or essentially stacking two MF coupons!! May have just been my cashier that day, but she has been there quite some time. (Either way I need to get a copy of her work schedule!! LOL!!) Has anyone else heard this?

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