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@MyOrangeLeaf :: FREE 8 oz FROYO on 1/22

Gluten Free

As you know I love Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt!  They offer Gluten Free choices and I love that you can pay based on the weight of your choices!

On January 22nd you can get a FREE 8 oz FROYO.  All you need to do is pick up and REGISTER an ounce back card by 1/21/13.

The “ounce back card” is where you can earn FROYO Rewards.  When I registered my card and took an online survey I got 5 bonus points too!  For every $1 you spend you earn 1 point.  When you earn 10 points then $1 is added back to your card.  Cards can accrue up to $10 in loyalty dollars.

On January 22nd they will offer a FREE (up to 8 oz) to anyone who registers so don’t delay!

You may want to ready my Orange Leaf Review too!


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