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Outdoor Photographer Magazine for only $3.99 per year

The editorial emphasis of this magazine is on the practical use of the cameras in the field. It looks at the modern photographic world by encouraging photography as part of a lifestyle. It motivates readers to make use of equipment and their talents in conjunction with recreational activities. In addition, its articles intend to inspire readers to seek new equipment, try new techniques and travel to new destinations.

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  1. dana says

    I get an error message on the outdoor photography mag. No matter how I enter the site, via your link or otherwise, I am getting
    “Sorry, this coupon is not valid with any Virtual Currency benefit, Cash Back or Loyalty Points. To continue and forfeit any benefit, click here”
    Price is 10.99

  2. dana says

    Well this is even worse. I got through to the 3.99 offer, it appeared as such on my PayPal site and when I hit submit – it went through as 10.98.

    I never authorized 10.98, I authorized 3.99. I did take a screen capture and have reported this as fraudulent activity to both PayPal and to

    I have also reported your name to both so that if there is any hacking of accounts you will know what is going on.

    I am very upset that this happened and until it is resolved, I will continue to be the squeaky wheel at being charged 3x what is stated on your blog.

    I consider this to be fraudulent activity on the part of

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