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Snow Day Fun – Build a Blanket Fort

Snow Day Fun!  Build a blanket fort and picnic inside!  It costs nothing and the memories are priceless!

There is nothing more fun on a snow day than making a blanket fort. This is a memory that I have from my childhood. Whenever we have a snow day we declare it Pajama Day and we pull all of the chairs from our dining room table into the living room and create a blanket fort for Peyton.

We picnic inside the blanket fort for breakfast and lunch. Often times we crank up the music for a dance party too. We always pop up a bowl of popcorn and watch movies under the fort too!  Peyton has even asked to sleep inside the fort too!

Snow Days are the BEST!

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  1. Maralea says

    My husband & I love doing this when the grandkids come over! They have so much fun and can even convince us to get in it and play!!

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