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Snow Day Superstitions

7 fun snow day superstitions that your kids will LOVE!

Do you love Snow Days?  We do!  I taught high school for 11 years and I loved them as much then as I do now.  In case you didn’t know these Snow Day Superstitions, I wanted to share a few with you.  Hope they work for you when you need them :-)

1:  Turn your pajamas inside out and wear them to sleep.

2:  Place an ice cube in the toilet and flush it (one for each inch of snow you want).

3:  Sleep with a spoon under your pillow.

4.  Eat ice cream for dinner.

5.  Do a snow dance on your front yard (while wearing your PJ’s inside out).

6.  Go to the freezer and open the door and dance singing SNOW DAY, SNOW DAY, SNOW DAY!

7. Put a spoon in the freezer.

Hope these work for you!  Regardless they are a lot of fun and treasured memories for your kids.



  1. Beth says

    Okay, Melissa – my question is how you get your toilet bowl to sparkle like that?!? I mean, I scrub and use toilet cleaner, but there is a rusty stain on the very top underside of the bowl. Do you have a secret product that you use???

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