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Stockpiling Moms ~ Get Organized!

Update the winners are: Melissa, Tawna and Donna

To save serious money stockpiling… you need to be ORGANIZED!

I am SO happy to be joining you each Friday to share my passion of organizing with you. Hi, my name is Lisa Woodruff and I blog over at Organize365. I am a professional organizer, author and speaker.

Over the next 12 weeks I will be sharing organization tips AND giveaways to get you organized!

Organization is my OBSESSION, my passion and my job. I think about organization every day of the year.

I believe that if organization was just about buying organizational products, there would be a lot more organized households! Organization is a journey. It’s a way of thinking, and it can be learned.

There are 2 big hurdles to getting organized.

1.    It’s overwhelming.

If you have a place for everything – AND the TIME to put it there – there’s no problem.

But… LIFE happens – kids get sick, parents need help, your business takes off, the economy tanks, you go on vacation – or you’d just flat out rather be on Facebook and shopping with coupons.

I get it.

One minute you say “I’ll put that away later” and the next minute you can’t find anything, there is no room to put anything away if you wanted to and you are OVERWHELMED

2.    You need a plan.

That takes me to step two. You need a plan. I liken getting organized with losing weight. There are lots of different methods, but ultimately you just need to get started.

And so we are going to get started TODAY with paper. PAPER?! Yes, paper.

I know it seems like paper is the LAST place you’d start, but it is EVERYWHERE!

My eBook 10 steps to organized paper is a step by step guide to help you get all your papers organized!

Part 1: Archival Paper

You can achieve quick paper success by tackling your taxes and safe worthy documents first and leaving your daily paper organization to the end.

As the chapters continue more decisions need to be made, but you will have less unorganized papers left to deal with! By tax time ALL the paper in your house can have a home.

Chapter 1: Taxes

Chapter 2: Safe Worthy

Chapter 3: Medical & Special Needs

Chapter 4: Archival

Chapter 5: Manuals

Chapter 6: The Home Binder


Part 2: Active Paper

The last 4 chapters of this book I will become more of a coach asking you questions for you to analyze what will be best for YOU.

Now is a good time to go get any remaining files and paper piles you have not organized yet. Bring all your paper to one location. Breathe. I know it’s over whelming, but I promise it IS easier this way.

Everything left is an “active file or pile” of paper.

Each file or pile of paper will end up in one of 3 systems:

The Sunday Basket is a basket full of files and piles that you need and are working on, but just not this week.

The Active Files are the files you use weekly or monthly like current tax files and school directories. This is your “filing cabinet”. The trick is to keep just a few categories in this filing system {Shoot for 10-20} and do not OVERFILE.

Daily Files are the types of paper you touch every day. These files are best suited to stay on top of your kitchen counter.

In the typical family home, files are in the basement and piles of paper are in the bedrooms, family room and kitchen.

Few homes actually have a home office where the paperwork is done. Even people who work from home go through their kid’s papers, mail and bills… in the kitchen.

So why are we fighting that? Once I embraced that the kitchen really was paperwork ground zero, I was able to create systems that actually worked to house my paper.

Chapter 7: “The Sunday Basket”

Chapter 8: Daily Files

Chapter 9: Active Files

Chapter 10: Paper Maintenance

So there you have it – all your paper organized for only $5!

I am giving away 3 copies this weekend!

This giveaway is open for US residents ages 18+.  It ends on 1/7/13 at 9 am ET.

Prize Giveaway: 3 copies of 10 Steps to Organized Paper eBook

To enter: Tell us what paper you have that needs to be organized!

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Lisa Woodruff is a professional organizer, author and speaker. Over the past 15 years Lisa has created systems and encouraged hundreds of women as they have organized their time, home and businesses.

Lisa’s latest book, 10 Steps to Organized Paper, is a step by step tutorial to help busy women organize EVERY paper in their homes. Lisa’s unique classifications of paper into: active, reference and daily paper is revolutionizing how women manage their paper.

Check out Lisa’s professional organization services and how you can become a professional organizer too!



  1. Amanda Turley says

    I need help organizing my sons papers for school. I homeschool him. I also have a lot of medical papers for myself and my special needs son…thats a lot of paperwork so I get way overwhelmed. Always trying to learn new ways to get better organized:)

  2. Cassie says

    I need to organize children’s school work/papers! I am so disorganized in this area the children’s homework is always getting lost or I did not see an important note from the teacher! ugh! I need help!