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Target Toy Clearance 70% off

Target Toy Clearance is now 70% off! Our reader Lana just sent this photo to us! She just got home from her Target in Grapevine, TX and they had 2 aisles of 70% off clearance toys! They had power wheels cars for as low as $53 down from almost $200! WOW! No is the time to literally drop everything and RUN to target (ok drive) if you have time. Once the clearance goes to 70% off it goes FAST!

Why, do you want to shop now for Toy Clearance? It is a great way to save your family budget. Even if you are concerned that your kids won’t be into the same toys next Christmas think bithday’s or other gifts that you have throughout the year. Gift Giving too! This is an example of how I had some Target Savings last year this same sale!

Also keep your eyes out for Clothing clearance and clearance all over the store in all departments. They are looking to bring out new merchandise for the spring/summer already and need to move old inventory off the shelves.

Reminder not all stores will be on sale – if you are watching closely though you can score a good deal! Be sure to know the Target Store Coupon Policy too!

If you have not read my post on Stockpiling for the Holiday’s now is a great time to start for this year!


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