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Valentine Handprint Craft

I love to do make this craft every year with my boys and hold onto them so I can how much they have grown each year.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Here is a great craft to do with your child. I love to do make Valentine Handprint Crafts every year with my boys and hold onto them so I can how much they have grown each year. Because they sure do grow up fast!

To make this Valentine all you need is paper and 2 different color paints.

Paint one hand and place down on the paper. Paint the other hand and place down over the other hand so the fingers are touching. Make sure the palms of the hands are outward. You have now made a heart. I like to use a crayon and draw a heart around it but you don’t have too. The boys and I usually make three — we send one to each set of grandparents and then the other one we hang up in our home. The grandparents love receiving these every year!

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