Can you freeze deli meat?

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Can you freeze Deli Meat?  Yes you can!  I do all of the time.  If you find it on sale just place it in the original package and date.  If you are freezing fresh deli meat just place in a freezer safe container and date.

By freezing you can extend the life by 4 to 6 months. Just write the date you put it into the freezer with a permanent marker so you know how long it has been there.

You can then use the deli meat to make pepperoni rolls and salami rolls or enjoy it on a sandwich!

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  1. Cathy Fretwell says:

    I buy manager special deli meat all the time (I open it in the store and smell it before I buy it) and come home and freeze it right away, then take it out when I need it.

  2. How long does it last once you thaw it? Same question with cheese. Thanks!

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