Can you freeze peppers?

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can you freeze green peppers

Can you freeze peppers? Yes you can! I do all of the time.  Just wash and remove the seeds then slice or dice.  I suggest that over freezing whole.  However I do often make my Stuffed Green Peppers and freeze them.

freeze green pepper

By freezing you can extend the life up to a year. Just write the date you put it into the freezer with a permanent marker so you know how long it has been there. Frozen peppers are great for chili, spaghetti and salsa.

Recipes Using Peppers:

Italian Stuffed Green Peppers

Homemade Marinara

Stuffed Green Peppers

Shrimp Stuffed Green Peppers

Holiday Breakfast Bake

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  1. I freeze belle, cayenne and jalapeno. I have frozen them up to a year without freezer burn. Great for chili, spaghetti and salsa.

  2. I have been freezing peppers for about 3 years. We use them in everything! They get soft so I just throw them in the last couple minutes of cooking time, pretty much just to warm them up. If you were to use them in chili, spaghetti sauce or anything like that, they would be great. They retain their flavor very well.

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