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How to remove pomegranate seeds with a wooden spoon


pomegranate collage

How to dessed a pomegranate with a wooden spoon is the easiest way in my opinion :-)

You start off by slicing your pomegranate in half.


Then open the pomegranate.


This is how the pomegranate will look.


Next you will take your pomegranate with the inside facing up and push upward to loosen the seeds – all the way around the sides to loosen.


Next put the pomegranate face down in the palm of your hand and hold it over a bowl.


With a wooden spoon hit the back side of the pomegranate and the seeds will fall through into the bowl.

You may have some in the palm of your hand but just turn a little to the side and they will fall into the bowl.


Turn your pomegranate over and it should look like this.


You may have to hit it a couple times to get all the seeds out. Remove any rind from the bowl andthey are ready to eat or cook with.

Here are some great recipes using pomegranate:

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