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Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) Announces New Lower Prices and Coupon Policy Change

The NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division of Kroger is announcing new lower prices and a coupon policy change.  Last night we met with Kroger Corporate and we have all of the facts to bring to you directly from Kroger.

Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) announces effective February 4, 2013 that they are lowering prices on thousands of items you buy most including groceries, household and health and beauty items. You will find a price decrease in Produce and Natural and Organic products too!

You can look for the new blue shelf tags (pictured above) when you shop.  They will show you the new lower prices.  In addition they will continue with sale prices and special sale events.

Price drops include examples like the following:

  • $1.99 Kroger Milk Gallon (limit 4)
  • $4.99 Cottonelle Bath Tissue, 12 Double Rolls
  • $.99 Broccoli, bunch

They will continue with:

  • Mega Sales
  • 10/10 Sales
  • 50% off Sales
  • Catalina Offers
  • Digital Coupons
  • Fuel Rewards Program
  • Paper Coupons – Both Internet Printable and Paper Insert Coupons at face value

The Coupon Policy Change is that Kroger (NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division) which includes 118 stores will no longer DOUBLE coupons up to $1.00.  Starting March 1, 2013 paper coupons will continue to be accepted at FACE VALUE.  All paper coupons will continue to be excepted (Internet Printable, Coupon Insert Coupons, Blinkies, Tear Pads, Peelies, BOGO and Free Product Coupons).  They will no longer double coupons that are $.99 and less to a value of $1.00.

With the announcement of new lower prices and continued sales we are told by Kroger Corporate that it will not effect our bottom line in terms of saving.  We did speak to a blogger friend in Houston whose Kroger did the same coupon policy change and lower price commitment and she assures us that she is still able to get great deals and often as low or lower than what we do currently with doubling.  So we are hopeful – this is a big change for all of us however we want you to know that we are here for you and working for YOU.  We working closely with Kroger Corporate and we will continue too.

We will continue to post our weekly Kroger Matchup with Printable List.  We will continue to post advertised deals on Saturday at 9 am and Unadvertised Deals on Monday at 6 pm.

Updated Kroger Coupon Policy:

We reserve the right to limit no more than five (5) paper manufacturer coupons for the same product, each coupon value considered (1) coupon in the same transaction.

NOTE: This is to help with inventory level for all customers, and to prevent any clearing on the shelves on any one flavor of a product. So, for example- you can still buy 10 Gatorades…..but only 5 of one flavor and 5 of another.

Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased – redeemed at Face Value
Expired coupons are not accepted
Couponed item will not be sold to dealers

Note: The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon.

Internet Coupon Restrictions/PAH Coupons (Print At Home Coupons)
“Free Item” Internet coupons can be accepted if all purchased criteria is met.
Only one (1) internet coupon per item will be accepted.
Only two (2) internet coupons per manufacturer per customer, per day.
Internet coupons that display characteristics below will not be accepted.

  • Blurry
  • Out of proportion
  • Do not scan properly
  • Appear to be altered in any way

Ways to save at Kroger:

Weekly Deals at Kroger
Weekly Unadvertised Deals at Kroger

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  1. Rhonda says

    Will they still double coupons that are .50 and below? The Kroger stores in Madison and Laurel Counties that I shop at only double coupons .50 and below.

    • Tiffany says

      I live in Virginia beach VA and my krogers only doubles coupons up to .35 cents that is why I dont shop at kroger. I do farm fresh because they double up to .99 everyday and a 1.00 on wednesdays !

  2. Jennifer says

    I really hope they do continue with the deals. I usually rely on the doubling of coupons to get some steals. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Tracy says


  4. Kasey says

    I have to admit this is disappointing. Sure, saving an extra .59 cents on milk is great, but it doesn’t replace the deep savings on products that I might receive when my coupon doubles. I can understand that from a business perspective they have to make decisions to enhance profits, but as a loyal Kroger shopper I have to admit I might consider taking my business elsewhere if it means better deals. The fact that they doubled coupons was really the draw for me. I realize the list of examples you gave is by no means a comprehensive list, and I am sure it will take some time to see how this all balances out in the end, but it seems to me that it will defintely impact the level of savings we can achieve at Kroger stores. I guess it’s just a “wait-and-see” game at this point.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      We agree. We are trying to be optimistic. Luckily at this time we have two stores that still double. However Meijer is limited at only 2 like coupons.

  5. Kathy says

    Will not accept internet coupons that “Do not scan properly”??? Every single time I go to Kroger I have problems with 50% of my coupons not scanning properly. Most of my coupons are from the Sunday paper. I have very few internet coupons but I think it is a problem with their equipment and not my coupons. I can go to another store with coupons I clip from the same Sunday paper and not experience the hassle I do at Kroger. Yes good prices but not worth the hassle sometimes.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      This is to help with coupon fraud. If the coupon doesn’t have a bar code that will scan or has been cut off or doesn’t print well.

  6. Kristina says

    I will use my coupons at other stores that do double coupons.

    Is this nation wide or do we have to check with our local
    Kroger or affiliate???

    • jaws1 says

      Actually, the answer seems to lie with who you ask. It seems that Kroger Cust Svc has told people they received a memo yesterday that it will be nationwide, when they called to ask.

      Kroger fb says Cincy/Dayton region…at first they were saying that there were no plans for other areas. I’ve noticed the last several posts on their fb page say only that Cincy/Dayton region will end 3/1/13.

      lol, guess it’s like those “lower prices” — you won’t know 100% until you get to the checkout counter. What a way to run a company…

  7. Laura says

    The new coupons policy stinks – I will choose to shop at Meijer instead…..
    Just FYI, the Kroger in Michigan where my sister shops Doubles $1.00 coupons! Doesn’t seem fair, Kroger.

    • Kristina says

      Laura your right it isn’t fair.
      Our Kroger only doubles up to .50
      They are building a Meijer in my town, we also have Martins and Marsh so if my Kroger decides to stop doubling I have other options

    • Anonomous says

      Kroger is actually spending an incredibly amount more to bring you this lower price instead of the double coupon, so you will actually be getting a better deal this way. This is something that Cincinnati decided to do based on others having such a great outcome.

      • Geri says

        Great outcome where? Better deal because of lower prices..hah! Nothing can take the place of doubling/tripling coupons to equal the savings. Been there.

        Houston stopped doubling in April 2011.

        I use to shop at Kroger at least 2x a week before they stopped doubles/triples. I might go maybe once a month and a few times during the Mega sales. Today, one of the Kroger customer service employees said this is the last Mega. If so, I will be shopping at Kroger even less.

        Randall’s (Safeway affiliate) has my weekly business that Kroger used to have.

        • jaws1 says

          Geri, couldn’t agree with you more. The ads in TX are the same as the ads nationwide. There “might” be a few pennies different on one or two items in a sell, but not enough to notice.
          Roflol, wasn’t TX assured they’d get lower prices, too? Good thing no one held their breath! Kroger lost my business when they decided their profits (and CEO’s bonuses) were more important than the seniors and disabled folks here being able to afford groceries. But, I still know people that will shop there, now and then.
          I’ve found the home-town/statewide stores offer lower prices and as good, or better, fresh produce, meat, etc.

          Good luck to Cincy region. Kroger fb page, (the following are NOT Kroger sponsored pages) (and fb page), and KrogerCouponers group on fb are places where you can post your concerns, if you wish.

      • Anonymous says

        Kroger is probably not as altruistic as to be paying entirely for the lower price themselves. I’m sure their vendors would say otherwise.

        • Geri says

          So, Kroger is spending incredibly more money to piss off their loyal customer base and trying to sugar coat it by saying they are lowering prices? Nice. If they worked for me, they would be fired.

          • Susan says

            Yeah, they’re investing 3 times the cost of doubles in the new “Low” prices. If that’s true, they’re profits are going to plunge. Not to mention losing a lot of customers who just threw up their hands in disgust!

      • Kim Glick says

        Except the fact that they only lowered their prices for one day! The items that were lowered on the Monday launch for”new low prices” were raised the following day to the previous not so low price! When i asked the cashier she shrugged her shoulders and turned bright red. My next trip to Kroger i asked my cashier whostated”it was just to get more customers here and they planned to raise prices gradually without shoppers noticing”

  8. Wende' says

    This news is really disappointing as I live in the greater Cincinnati area. The only store in our town is Kroger besides Walmart (not a fan) which will really impact my shopping. It looks as though effective March 1st I will no longer be shopping at Kroger and now mostly at Meijer. I will have to enjoy the mega sale goodness while it lasts!

  9. Anne says

    We need to compile a list of stores that double! Because I would like to go to those stores and shop. I agree with the above, we should boycott…if we keep letting stores and corporations to dictate the rules then we lose and keep on loosing. As couponers we need to reward the stores that take care of us, are friendly and double our coupons.

    • Susan says

      Some shoppers may remember this same stunt by Giant Eagle in 2007. They ended doubles in NE OH, and reduced them in the Pittsburgh/Youngstown corridor. The 1900 members of the NE OH Couponers group sprung into action, boycotted, and the doubles were restored in less than a month. Actually, it only took 5 days to put them back temporarily, as I recall. They thought it over and restored them for good. It just took getting the word out, and sticking to the promise to stay out of their stores.

  10. Susan says

    Very disappointing about the end of doubling as that was my deciding factor in whether to buy the product at Krogers or go to Target where I know it will be cheaper. If Krogers lowers their prices then other stores will follow or come up with other ways to keep their customers staying (which is good for us). I am all for lowering prices at Krogers especially on their produce which is already expensive and hardly any coupons to go with them. So I will keep doing what I do and do my price comparisons on the same products that I buy all the time to see who will be getting my business between Krogers and Target. Right now I would say that I do more grocery shopping at Target than Krogers with a 70/30 split between the two.

  11. Abigail D says

    Kroger also had a program where you could earn 4 percent back toward school (private school) and they just cut that almost completely. I’m really disappointed with this new news especially in this ecomony. I have been a loyal customer since I moved to the greater Cincy area and will be taking my business elsewhere.

  12. Abbie says

    What stunning and disappointing news! Did Kroger mention why they were going this route? Didn’t J.C. Penny try this last year only to reverse their decision recently?

    I live in Cincinnati and love my Kroger. I can’t imagine having to go to a different store. I’ve been to Meijer and Biggs, who both double but Kroger is SO much more convenient for me. Sure, going 5.2 miles to Meijer instead of the 2.0 I go to Kroger isn’t all that a big deal, but the employees at the Krogers in my area are absolutely fantastic. The employees at both Meijer and Biggs are not nearly as personable.

    Truly a sad day.

  13. Amy says

    I’m thinking Kroger did an analysis to determine how many faithful couponers they’d lose versus the amount of savings theyre committing to provinding on the reduced price items. Since Manufacturers only reimburse them for face value, they’ve been paying for the double out of their profits, and they’re likely tired of it.
    It’s upsetting regardless, and I can’t help but look to other retailers to maintain the savings I need to feed my family. My Husband is unemployed, and these double coupons have kept us going over the last year.
    Stockpiling Moms- I’m going to need you now more than ever, please keep up the great work, and help me find the killer deals I’ve become accustomed to.

    • AngelaD says

      I can completely understand where you’re coming from. I was laid off and then my husband was laid off and then even when we both found jobs it was a HUGE salary cut. Now, to make it even trickier – his works is more or less seasonale. Soooooooooooo this does stink….frankly, I believe they are feeling serious competeition from Aldi as well.

      • jaws1 says

        WM offers 3¢/gal off whether you buy anything or not…just put the $$ on gift card and use it at the pump. Also, WM doesn’t track your every purchase….BUT, if/when Kroger does have something worth ad-matching, you can do that at WM!
        (I’m not a big fan of WM, but I don’t like a company telling me “it’s ‘just’ xxx area, and we aren’t even thinking about doing this anywhere else” …THEN doing the same thing to two other regions in 23months. ..esp, after the CEO got a 66% bonus last year.)

  14. says

    Where can I get the coupon policy for my specific store? I’ve tried their website and can only find their policy on digital coupons, not coupons in general. Would the customer service counter have it?

  15. Teresa says

    I have noticed that my normal stack of coupons is already a dollar off and my savings on the doubling is a very low percentage of the overall bill. I won’t really miss it but still disappointed in their new policy. I am sure other people rely on it and compared to what their management makes in a year the doubling is probably peanuts!

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      This was something that Kroger Corporate mentioned to us as well. I notice the same thing and Shelley and I actually discussed that most of the coupons we are using during this current Mega are $1/2.

    • jaws1 says

      Teresa, I’m fairly certain that doubles are/were not 66% of their expense. However, Kroger CEO (Dillon)got a 66% bonus/raise last year. I forgot just how many $$ it was, but a lot more than I’ll EVER save in coupons in a lifetime.
      Nice to know he keeps his 66% while the customer is expected to give up doubles AND continue to pay his salary.

  16. Geneva says

    I hope the extreme couponing show is happy now. I put the blame on that show. Everything was good before they started showing people going in and getting crazy amounts of stuff for free,shelf clearing and bragging about it. I really am mad this will have a impact on all of us. I could have seen them only letting you double like 5 coupons or something but to stop doubling all together. I mean how do you take something away that has been offered for years. I know in my experience doubling usually helps to get the item for free or cheaper. Stockpiling moms do you think they will bring back superdoubles? I am very diappointed and am trying to figure out how to work around this? Any ideas would be welcome.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      We are working directly with corporate and have suggested some super double days so we are hopeful.

      We really hope with the lower prices it will help offset no doubling.

      We are here for YOU and we are going to do our best to find every deal for you.

    • jaws1 says

      and do you remember which store was in the majority of the episodes in Season 1, grinning, clapping, cheering them on? … I do.

      • jaws1 says

        Adding that TX was also told there MAY be doubling events in the future. (sitting…sitting…sitting….) Two years later, we’ve heard nothing else about it.

  17. Heather says

    BOOOOOO!!!! I’ll be shopping at Meijer from now on. They may be lowering prices, but that doesn’t make up for how high their prices already are. I can’t afford to shop for groceries without coupons, and the doubling really adds up. So goodbye, Kroger, hello Meijer.

  18. Geneva says

    I have heard that the reason for lowering prices is becauce Wal-mart is doing better then Krogers. Krogers wants their prices to be close to what Wal-marts are. I think starting tomarrow they will start lowering prices. I am wondering if it Kroger had to choose between lowering the prices overall or stopping the coupon doubling. If the prices go as low as wal-marts will that be better? I am not a frequent Wal-mart shopper?

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Walmart doesn’t “cycle” they have everyday low prices which when used without coupons can sometimes be better but in terms of stockpiling you can do better with a sale and a coupon. Kroger is lowering prices but will still have sales so we are keeping positive :-)

  19. spindella says

    What’s my incentive to shop at Kroger after March 1? Walmart will match any sale price and accept my coupon at face value. In addition all of their items are priced lower not just some of them. I’m very disappointed.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Their Customer Service, Fuel Rewards Program and Catalina offers? Those are the three big differences I see.

      Of course Walmart does price match, accept competitor coupons and gives overage according to their current coupon policy.

      Don’t forget we do an extensive Walmart matchup each week too –

  20. Susan says

    The news stories, so far, have been too pro-Kroger to do any good in getting back doubles IMO. They’ve been nothing but thinly-veiled free ads for Kroger. The only story which was closer to the truth was taken down from WLWT’s site. All anybody saw was “page not found”. I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly-Spongebob

  21. Sharon says

    What a ripoff I am sure that most of the lower prices will be on Kroger brand name products I live in wv in a small town and the nearest store is krogers we have a food land about ten miles away and I will be shopping there from now on there is power in numbers and that is what we all should do a lot if places like dollar general have expanded their grocery line and sometimes u can get some good discounts there hood luck everyone with how u choose to approach this change

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