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Meijer Stops Doubling Weekly :: NKY Stores



UPDATE:  The two Northern KY Meijer stores are NOT DOUBLING COUPONS THIS WEEK according to their sales ad however we have confirmation from readers that the stores are BOTH still doubling regardless!  Shelley was able to use coupons and they doubled as well.

According to the customer service department they confirmed they are no longer doubling coupons every week.  It will be announced on the sales ad each week IF it will be a double week and what the policy will be for that week.  For example if a $.50 or less coupon will double to $1.00 and how many coupons will double. The Cincinnati stores are STILL DOUBLING this week as it is stated on their sales ad.  Even though the NKY ad says NO DOUBLING this week they are.  Only time will tell to see how this will develop.

This comes of course after the announcement that Kroger NKY/Cincinnati Region will STOP Doubling effective 3/1/13 .   You can read the full post for details.

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    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      The store customer service department told me at BOTH stores they are not doubling according to the says ad however we are getting reports that they are continuing to double. Time will tell.

  1. Rach says

    Uh… I was just there and my coupons doubled. I know the back of their ad doesn’t have the coupon information that it used to, however, that’s no reason to induce a coupon panic. I even called the Florence store and talked to a manager on duty and they said they are still doubling coupons. And the manager at Cold Spring said that they are still doubling provided the coupon doesn’t state “do not double,” which is a duh.

    So, I would love to see an answer for shopmom’s question. What’s your source? Did you call corporate?

    And how stupid would Meijer be to have Cincinnati and NKY on opposite weeks. That would spell doom for them and I cannot imagine a company trying to bury themselves. Seems counter productive.

  2. Terri R. says

    Shopped at Florence Meijer yesterday and my coupons doubled. I stopped at Custome Service after my purchase and was told that Meijer IS still doubling and that the employess have not heard anything about that changing. I certainly hope they continue to double.

  3. Kathy says

    Both stores say they are continuing to double and people (including yourself) indicate that their cpns are continuing to double too.

    According to the Florence store director, it is just an error that the verbage about doubling cpns isn’t on the ad. He also said the 2 NKy stores are part of the Cinti market and they will all do the same thing. Furthermore, he indicated their is NO current talk of stopping doubles in this area.

    It seems a lot was assumed.

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