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Breakfast Idea – Pancakes To Go

We love this easy Breakfast Idea - Pancakes To Go!

Check out our new breakfast idea – pancakes to go!  If you are looking for a Breakfast Idea for your kids you may want to try Pancakes To Go!  We were rushed on time this week before school but my son wanted pancakes do doing what any Mom could do to make their son happy, I cut up the pancakes, added syrup and placed in them in a cup.  I added a fork and that is how our breakfast Idea – Pancakes To Go was born!  You could even add bacon or sausage to the cup!

We love this easy Breakfast Idea - Pancakes To Go!

My son thought it was the best invention ever.  I do want to add that I suggested a pancake rolled up without syrup and that was not going to fly.  If you find yourself short on time you may want to consider Pancakes To Go for your next breakfast treat.  I always Make My Own Freezer Pancakes so these were ready to go out the door in 1 minute.

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