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Get ready for Spring Cleaning and Organization

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Get ready for Spring Cleaning and Organization.

Starting THIS Tuesday on the talk show Living Dayton I will be walking you through 10 weeks of spring cleaning and organization.

Don’t worry, if you don’t live in Dayton, Ohio; I’ll be coming over here each Friday and sharing my spring cleaning and organization tips with YOU!

Do you have the spring cleaning bug yet? I DO! I started purging and cleaning last week.

Last year I had a hot mess of a house on my hands.  I set about to organize EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. in 40 days.

This year I am being slightly more realistic. I have picked 10 zones and 10 weeks. That’s doable right?

Next week I will start by sharing with you how to make a plan.

Here is how I have mapped out the organizational challenge weeks:

Week 1, March 19 – Making a plan 
Week 2, March 26 – Kitchen Pantries 
Week 3, April 2 – Kitchen Drawers 
Week 4, April 9 –  Kitchen Cabinets
Week 5, April 16 – Creating a DROP zone
Week 6, April 23 – Laundry Room Organization 
Week 7, April 30 – Home Offices
Week 8, May 7 – Closets
Week 9, May 14 – Kid’s toys
Week 10, May 21 – Garage

So, what do you think? Are you up for the challenge? 

Leave a comment and let me know if you are joining in on the plan I have, or mapping out your own!

Lisa Woodruff is a professional organizer, author and speaker. Over the past 15 years Lisa has created systems and encouraged hundreds of women as they have organized their time, home and businesses.

Lisa’s latest book, 10 Steps to Organized Paper, is a step by step tutorial to help busy women organize EVERY paper in their homes. Lisa’s unique classifications of paper into: active, reference and daily paper is revolutionizing how women manage their paper.

Lisa is a direct sale trainer. Contact Lisa to come speak to your team in person or via webinar.

Check out Lisa’s professional organization services and how you can become a professional organizer too!



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    Files that are no longer in regular use should be pulled and filed away somewhere else (or destroyed). Does your break room still have a coffee pot type maker even though there is a Keurig brewer there now that everyone uses? Then lose the old coffee maker. Whatever it is, if it;s not getting used on a regular basis, it should be gone. The more empty the file drawers are, the faster you’ll be able to find the files that are needed. The less other items there are, the more organized your office will be.

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