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How often do you “reorganize” your family plan?


How often do you “reorganize” your family plan? I’m not asking how many children you plan to have, I mean your family agenda or mindset.

As a woman I find I have abundantly more opportunities available to me than I have the time or resources to pursue. While I have been talking with you week after week about organizing your physical space, what about your mental space?

If you are anything like me, ideas multiply in my brain like dust bunnies under my bed. Every once in a while I have to take the time and get all those bunnies out in the open and figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go.

This past month I have spent a LOT of time counting my dust bunnies. It is so hard to let something “good” go. I desire to squeeze more time out out each day and create systems to maximize efficiency so I can say YES more than I should.

With 15 years of experience in the direct sales profession, I have decided to step outside of being a “consultant” for one company and into being a trainer for many.

As with many decisions in life, this has already sort of happened, I just had to “own” it.

For the past few months I have been trying to find a way to be the best upline for my team AND and help train consultants in other businesses and other teams. But there is just not enough time to do BOTH.


  • Teaching and training!!
  • Sharing how to organize your work from home businesses.
  • Encouraging others to become the best THEY can be in their industry.
  • Matching each person’s strengths to a niche market to accelerate their business.
  • Helping women discover their “brand” and “story” to share with their niche market.
  • Helping leaders automate and organize their downline training and systems.
  • Conducting live speaking engagements and online webinars.

Over the past 6 years I have been working with consultants and leaders in dozens of direct sales companies. 

I love the challenge of taking what I know has worked for me and tweaking that model for another consultant or team.

I LOVE the challenge of working with different companies, products and teams to bring out the best in people.

I am actively booking speaking engagements for 2013. View my speaking schedule and topics I have prepared to speak about here. My new links should be working soon!

I have truly enjoyed sharing with many of the Clever Container products.

This business shift has opened up MORE time in my schedule to actually get in the trenches with you and quickly transform your home through my professional organization services. 

Next week I will be launching my…

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You will NOT want to miss this!

But before we get started, do you have some mental dust bunnies to take care of?

Lisa Woodruff is a professional organizer, author and speaker. Over the past 15 years Lisa has created systems and encouraged hundreds of women as they have organized their time, home and businesses.

Lisa’s latest book, 10 Steps to Organized Paper, is a step by step tutorial to help busy women organize EVERY paper in their homes. Lisa’s unique classifications of paper into: active, reference and daily paper is revolutionizing how women manage their paper.

Lisa is a direct sale trainer. Contact Lisa to come speak to your team in person or via webinar.

Check out Lisa’s professional organization services and how you can become a professional organizer too!


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