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How to order doTERRA Essential Oils

How to order doTERRA Essential Oils

We have received so many questions on how to order doTERRA Essential Oils we want to share that information with you.

There are two choices.  You can order them either Wholesale or Retail.  Of course our suggestion is never to pay Retail on anything so we suggest that you consider a membership and purchase them at wholesale however that is totally up to you.

Regardless of which option you choose there are no minimum order amounts EVER.  You have no monthly or yearly requirements at all.  There is also no pressure from us.  We are just trying to help our our readers find powerful and affordable natural care.

To purchase as a retail customer you will order your doTERRA products online. There is no membership cost to order at retail. To order retail go to – you will not be eligible for discounts or loyalty shopping incentives.  


  • Join as a member for a one time registration fee of $35 (yearly renewal of only $25).
  • Purchase products at wholesale price which is 25% off retail price.
  • Earn free product purchase credits through the Loyalty Rewards program – this is a great incentive program for loyal shoppers.  Example – earn 10% up to 30% of everything you spend for future purchases.  The longer you are shopping loyally the more you earn.
  • When you order $125 in Personal Volume prior to the 15th of the month you earn  a FREE bottle of essential oil and are eligible for other incentives (including FREE Oil).
  • Each month there are special products featured at 10% off (plus your 25% off membership discount)
  • You will receive an online doTERRA shopping site where you will place your orders (no additional charge).
  • Get FREE coaching on how to use your oils via the phone/email – if you desire.

Become a Consultant:

If you choose you can promote doTerra as a consultant.  This is for NO additional cost.   It is included in the membership free if you chose to use it!  At any time you can decide to turn your membership into a consultant status.  At that time you will be required to purchase a monthly minimum of $100 in product in order to get paid when you sponsor consultants and have retail customers.  You will earn a commission of 25% and earn cash bonuses on sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor.
How to get started?

Purchase Retail HERE.

Best Investment – Choose a Kit (Includes a free membership):
If you want to sign up as a Member you can choose a kit or create your own. There are a variety of ENROLLMENT KITS which include the membership for FREE!!! That is a $35 Savings!
CLICK HERE to enroll.  Select – Join as a new Independent Product Consultant
to experience dōTERRA’s deepest product discounts & highest commission bonuses.
If prompted to enter a number for the Enrollment Sponsor use 334364. Once you complete your order, you will receive a welcome email from doTERRA.
Do I have to “sell” doTERRA if I am a member?
No – absolutely not!!! You can enroll as a Member (IPC) to purchase doTERRA products with a wholesale discount. There are no monthly or yearly minimums – EVER. There is no pressure from us. Enjoy the savings!
What if I want to earn money and sell doTERRA?  
With the same Membership you can not only purchase at Wholesale but you can also sell to others!  A great way to make money and earn oils for FREE.
Email us at doterra@stockpilingmoms(dot)com



  1. Princess says

    I am a Nogerian and heard of your product in Nigeria. I visited America and decided to google your site. I wanted to register as a member but discovered that Nigeria is not among the countries listed, when I wanted to fill the enrollment form. Same goes for enrolling as a consultant. Is it that my dear country isn’t welcome here or we shouldn’t use your product. Please I need an urgent reply because I’ll be returning to my wonderful country in few days. Thank you.

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