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Peeling is made simpler with the Prepara Trio-Tri Blade Peeler. This peeler comes with three blades, each perfect for doing their own thing! The firm blade makes it easy to peel tough potatoes, carrot, and cucumber skins. The soft blade is perfect for soft-skinned fruits and vegetables, such as peaches and tomatoes. The julienne blade creates perfect julienne strips of carrots or cucumbers, making for colorful and festive salads! The blades are easily stored inside the handle of the peeler, making it convenient and space friendly! This peeler is a great addition to any kitchen.
  • Blades are made of the finest Japanese surgical steel for maximum performance and durability
  • All blades nested inside the handle for peeler safety; Ergonomic Handles; Ideal for Right or Left Hand Users
  • Soft Blade perfect for difficult soft-skinned product like peaches and tomatoes
  • Firm blade perfectly grabs and peels the skin of hard produce like potatoes, carrots and cucumbers
  • Julienne blade creates perfect julienne strips of carrots or cucumbers for colorful salads or shoestring potatoes or zucchini

Our Price: $6.33

Compare To: $21.99

You Save: $15.66 (71%)

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