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Remke bigg’s Super Double Success – Saved 67%

remke biggs success2


I wanted to share my Remke bigg’s Super Double Success, I saved 67%!  I shopped the Remke bigg’s Super Double Event yesterday. I was really impressed with Remke not only for hosting the Super Double Event but also for their amazing customer service. I shopped at the Taylor Mill store and inventory was good, it wasn’t over stocked but there were no clear shelves. I arrived at 8:30 and left at 10:00. I shopped the entire store. I walked up and down all of the isle’s looking for products to match my coupons with. I was impressed that the store manager was there greeting and thanking the shoppers. In fact I even saw him out gathering carts when I left.

They opened all lanes at 10:00 as I was checking out so that the wait was not long. I noticed they had a full staff prepared for the event. All the employees were smiling and greeting guests, asking if you needed something and helping you find products (even those that matched with coupons). There was a store full of couponers which was nice to see! Lots of happy men and women using coupon binders and other methods of coupon organization.

I found several nice deals (which are pictured above). I was able to save $30.46 with manufacturer coupons, $24.84 with store/double coupons and $14.68 by using my Remke card. I saved a total of $69.98 which was a total savings of 67%. I spent $34.77 out of pocket. In addition I earned $.08/Gallon in Pump Perks.

I hope Remke biggs hosts another Super Double Event again soon!  We are committed to providing Remke biggs matchups every week for FREE for our readers with our awesome printable shopping list to save you both time and money!  You can find REMKE on our menu bar with the link to the current matchup and deals.  We would LIKE to work with Remke corporate more to bring you even more deals and information from corporate like we do with other stores.

Be sure to read the Remke bigg’s Store Policy to understand how to stockpile at Remke bigg’s. Be sure to sign up for the Pump Perks Fuel Program.

I also wanted to share from our facebook page from our reader Julie:

I am becoming more and more impressed with Remke bigg’s Hebron.

1. They are very good to local schools. If you use a school reloadable gift card (have your school sign up for it), they give 4% back.

2. Dennis the manager at the Hebron store is super, duper nice. He was walking around the store today handing out coupons, talking with and bagging for customers and was genuinely excited to see customers saving lots of money.

3. They have a bag sense program – take in your reusable bags and they give you 6 cents off of your order and a wooden token to place in a bin. The bin has three charities you can choose to drop the token in and they donate money to the winning charity.

4. You can save money on gas by linking your Remke card to your Speedway card. Which in turn at Speedway you can earn points towards gift cards and other rewards when you buy gas.




  1. Donna says

    I also went to Remke’s in Delhi and saved 56%. But once I came home I noticed some of the prices seemed higher that what I saw on the shelves. I had a huge order- over $300 and paid only $140 +tax, so I was unable to check as she rang it up. Did anyone else see this? I’m thinking of going back and checking some of the prices I though should be cheaper. I will agree with you that everyone was nice and asked me if I needed help with anything.

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      The receipt is hard to understand. I thought that too but the prices rang up for me then you can see where the Remke Card Prices are reduced off. Like my Juicy Juice said $4.19 then $2.19 was taken off right under. The coupons came off at the bottom. So I paid nothing for the Juice. At first it looked to me like I paid $2.19.

      • Donna says

        I wanted to give you an update- I did end up going to Remke’s today and found out they did overcharge me on 3 items: Smart Balance spread (small tub), on sale 3/$4 or $1.79 they charged me $2.59 each, Febreeze car freshener, on sale for $2.99, charged me $3.29 and the Edge shaving gel, on sale for $2.66, charged me $3.49 on 1 can. After I showed her my receipt and where I jotted down the real price she refunded me my money, no questions asked. Very nice and easy to deal with- which is great for a couponer. I will be stopping back at Remke’s for their customer service but might keep a better eye on the prices.

  2. Terri R. says

    Good job Melissa. I shopped early and left a little before 8. It would have been nice to see you shopping. I purchased 31 items, saved 85% and spent $10.64 oop including tax. I love supporting a smaller business and would love to see Remke/biggs do more big sale events.

  3. Abbie says

    I shopped at the Skytop location. I was surprised that they did not have more checkout lanes open. I was there around 9:30 and started checking out at 11. I was pleasantly surprised by their customer service and friendliness of the employees. I spent $50 and saved $102. I noticed that the BOGO cereal didn’t come off and I called the location and gave me their name and said to bring receipt in and they’d fix it for me. I did go back that evening and the shelves were bare. There were a few things that they were running out of when I was there in the AM. Regardless of that, I will be shopping at Remke/Biggs more often now. I tried Meijer this past weekend and was not impressed at all. The people at Remke/Biggs were extremely friendly and helpful! Will have a more detailed Remke list? I don’t receive their ad on the weekends. I love how you do the unadvertised deals at Kroger, maybe we could get something like that for Remke? Thanks!

  4. Nanc says

    Had a great time at Rempke Biggs Western hills.Although i think that some of the items rang up at reg prices.May have to go back. I bought$ 205.00.and paid$ 71.59. Seems kind of high.The people were very nice.Was asked 3 times if i was finding every thing ok.The manager was at the check out.He had to punch in almost every coupon i had.Because there are new bar codes on the coupons .And there regesters didn’t pick them up.He was very nice.All the lanes were open.This was at 3:00.The shelves were full.I do like Biggs.A little high on reg prices.But they have Great sales. Hope they have Super Double again.

  5. Jenn says

    I also had a great expearience in the Newport location. I was worried because it was after 6pm and thinking that alot of the good deals would be gone. There were some missing but suprised that most of them were still stocked. I too saw the fellow couponers and was greatfull that the store was very staffed and still smiling even though that had been there all day left at 830 and they were still going strong! Way to go Newport and thank you!!

  6. LaRonda Aranyos says

    I shopped at the Remke Biggs in Sky top (Beechmont) & I saved $78 total which was the highest amount I had ever saved so I was VERY excited! (Of course my husband gets a kick out of how excited I get lol) but they to were very friendly & the bagging lady even thanked me for shopping “there” instead of another grocery store which made me feel appreciated! I work close to this store so I will definately be using them more but also because they still double coupons. Thx ladies for having them on your page! It helps out so much & makes shopping easier for all if us!

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