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#Walmart Deals :: 3/09 – 3/16

Here are the Walmart Deals this week. By using our printable list you will save not only money but also time! Be sure to check out the latest Walmart coupon policy too.

If you are looking for a coupon visit our FREE Coupon Database. If you want to purchase coupons visit one of our favorite Coupon Clipping Services.  Want to learn more Coupon Lingo and Basics? We have more under Getting Started Using Coupons and Coupon LingoIf you are shopping at be sure to shop through our link.


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Ways To Save At The Store:

Weekly Deals at Kroger
Weekly Deals at Meijer
Weekly Deals at Remke/biggs
Weekly Deals at Walmart
Weekly Deals at CVS
Weekly Deals at Walgreens
Stockpile Time – Hot Steals and Deals at the Store

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  1. Rhonda says

    The link for U by Kotex liners doesn’t work…says I’ve already printed the amount allowed..BUT I’ve NOT ever tried to print this coupon off before. Any suggestions on how to get that $2 off?

  2. Heather says

    Probably a dumb question….I’m a newbie
    When the list of coupons under the product has several coupons listed, do you use ALL the coupons on the list to get the final price listed? Or do you just use INE if the coupons that you have listed?

    • Rhonda says

      That is a list a all the coupons that are “out there” for that item. You would use 1 coupon for 1 item.

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