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Kroger Matchup 4/8 – 4/14 :: Mega Sale

Here are all the advertised deals this week at Kroger! Check back Monday evening for unadvertised deals! Use our handy printable list to help save you time and money.

Check out the updated Kroger Coupon Policy for NKY/Cincinnati/Dayton Division.   We have a new Catalina Page on the blog that we are updating with all available Catalina’s.

Are you looking to purchase coupons? We have a list of suggested Coupon Clippers.  You can use our free Coupon Database to check for and print coupons too!  You can also print coupons at, and  Want to learn more Coupon Lingo and Basics? We have more under Getting Started and Coupon Lingo.


Ways to save at the store:

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  1. Penny says

    Pampers Wipes are a StockPile Price $1.99. They are on the Mega sale so $1 off and with the 50cent off printable coupon or P&G coupons, they are FREE!!

    • Catherine says

      The Kroger stores in the Greater Cincinnati area no longer double coupons, so these are $0.49 for us. Still a good deal, though!

      • Penny says

        Also got a $2 off coupon at register when you buy the Pampers diapers here in WV. Hope that is offered up there too.

  2. Brandi says

    I’m super confused about this weeks match ups. If pampers are on sale for $1.99 then how do you get them for $.49 with a $.50/1 coupon? If you double that coupon (my store doubles) than the final price is still $.99. Right? What is with the math on this one? I’m so confused!

  3. Brandi says

    Okay so I went to my local kroger (25 minutes away) to do my couponing at 10:15pm Tuesday so I wouldn’t bug anyone and could move around easy without having tons of people “in the way.” After only putting 5 products in my cart an employee came on the speaker system and announced that the store would be closing at 10:30pm for floor waxing! What? My Kroger is open 7am to 12midnight every day and there was no announcement or even a note on the door saying they would close early. Natural I was upset not in a totally crazy person way but in a hey it cost me gas to get here and now I’m being kicked out kinda way. So I asked to speak to a manager and an employee gave me a managers cell phone number and I called her.

    So glade I did! She graciously apologized. It turns out the floor company called last minute and it was a that day decision to close down early. She gave me a $25 Kroger gift card the very next day for my inconvenience. Just another reason Kroger is the best store for couponing ever!

    l do have one more question maybe someone could help me with. Other shoppers cleared out all the pampers wipes that are on sale. They are out of stock right now and I don’t know if more will come in before the sale is over. Do I get a rain check for this item? How do I do that and what does it involve? It was the only item sold out that I wanted to get with my coupons but this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Does anyone else have a hard time with other couponers in their store clearing shelves? I know some people will ring up multiple transactions to get as much as possible but I usually stick to the three coupon per item policy. How do I avoid extreme couponers grabbing up all the good deals before I get a chance to go shopping?

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      Thanks for sharing that! I love that you got good customer service from Kroger! Yes, go to the customer service desk and request a rain check. That will be good for 10 items for 30 days from the date of issue. They will write it for you – price on Mega Sale. When you redeem it hand it to the cashier FIRST then they will adjust the price down to the rain check price manually.

    • Abbie says

      Kroger is really good about rainchecks. When they had Got2B hair supplies for $2.79 and there was a $2/1 coupon out there, the shelves were bare! They gave me a raincheck and they honored the coupon so long as it was not expired. Just make sure you give the raincheck to the cashier first thing. :)

  4. Keri says

    This may be a dumb question, but are the sales the same at all the Krogers? I keep finding the prices are different at mine and the unadvertised sales listed aren’t on sale at my store. Thanks!

    • Melissa@StockpilingMoms says

      No – this ad is for the Cincinnati/Dayton/NKY region. The ads cycle though so we give many of our readers a nice preview :-)

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