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Change is Good!


Change is good! Shelley and I went to brunch together to celebrate my 40th birthday and we took some time to talk about the blog and reflect on life. We started the blog in December 2009 for fun and three and a half years later it is still lots of fun!  We love working together and couldn’t imagine it any other way!

In 2013 we moved the focus of the blog from a Coupon blog to a Lifestyle blog. We are dedicated to helping busy moms make savvy choices in all aspects of their lives – meal planning, organizing, money management, health and wellness, decorating and more. The blog is continually changing as Shelley and I change and grow as women.

Obviously a major change that you have noticed is my love for Essential Oils.  They have truly changed my life and I am loving sharing with you the uses and benefits of them and will continue to do so.  I am sharing them with Shelley too, in fact Lavender and Wild Orange are two of her favorites!

With Summer approaching we have made the decision to change the blog schedule (effective June 1) – you are actually going to see less posts from us each day – not that we won’t be bringing you the deals that you love but they are going to more streamlined into less posts in a day. We really think it will help you to have less to sort through in terms of reading the blog.  This will allow us to spend more time with our boys and hopefully the change will be good for us all!

You are still going to find our weekly features and store deals but you are going to see less “individual” posts in terms of the deals.

We will continue with:

Menu Plan Monday – posted every Monday morning at 9 am

Stockpile Time – posted every Tuesday at 9 am

Sunday Insert Coupon Preview – posted every Thursday at 5 pm

Recipe Daily at 3 pm

We will continue posting the Store Matchups for:

Kroger – posted Saturday at 9 am and unadvertised deals posted Monday at 5 pm

Meijer – posted Saturday at 10 am

CVS –  posted Saturday at 12 pm

Walgreen’s – posted Saturday at 1 pm

Walmart – posted Saturday at 2 pm

We have made the decision at this time to discontinue with our weekly Remke matchup however we will add the freebies and cheapies to the Stockpile Time post every Tuesday.  We appreciate your understanding in this decision however the time we spend on it just can’t be justified with the amount of readership on the store.

We will also continue to be posting:


Home and Garden

Health and Beauty

Gluten Free

Travel Tips and Reviews


Essential Oils

We continue to provide you a free Coupon Database to use.

We have some exciting things in the works so stay tuned! We appreciate you support more than you will ever know!

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