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Diffusing Essential Oils in a Tart Warmer


Diffusing Essential Oils in a Tart Warmer

Diffusing Essential Oils in a Tart Warmer is perfect for the frugal person like me! Melissa had heard that you could diffuse doTERRA essential oils in a Scentsy Warmer. So she tried her warmer and it worked so I thought I would try my tart warmer that I have from Yankee Candle. It worked perfect and my house smelled wonderful :)

Diffusing Essential Oils5

I used On Guard essential oil in my tart warmer and all my boys loved it! I put some water in it and added 7 drops. I kept checking my tart warmer often and added water as it got low. You have to be careful and watch it to make sure that it has water in it the whole time you are using it or the oil will burn. I have now been diffusing oils everyday in my home!  This is an affordable solution to purchasing a diffuser if you already have a tart warmer which is nice.

To learn more about doTERRA oils click here.

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    My favorite oil has got to be peppermint essential oil. I use it in my mouth by rubbing it on the bottom of my touch whenever a sore throat is coming on. On Guard works great too.

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