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How to remove stinky smell from HE washing machines


How can you remove the stinky smell from washing machines?  A tip for removing the stinky smell from washing machines is to simply add 10 – 15 drops of purify or Melaleuca essential oil on wet wash cloth and wash. That is ALL you want in the washer and you want to use HOT water/Clean cycle if you have one.

You can also add 1 cup of vinegar if you want for additional aid in cleaning the washer.  I did this with Melaleuca and it worked great!  It removed the stinky smell.  When I was done I took that same cloth and wiped the rubber seal inside and out and that helped to remove some black mildew from the rubber too!

You can also use essential oil to remove the sour smell from clothes too!

You can shop online at or you can read this post on how to order the oils.  Be sure to follow our Pinterest Board too!  Join our Essentials Oils Facebook Group too!


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  1. Debbie I says

    I am very allergic when melaleuca trees are in bloom. Do you know if that carries over to the melaleuca essential oil? I am sensitive to many things and am curious about this.

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