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Stockpiling and Preparing for Natural Disasters or Emergency

Stockpile to Prepare for Natural Disasters or Emergency

Stockpiling and preparing for natural disasters or emergency is valid reason to stock up.  There are many reasons why we stockpile. The number one reason is to save our family money however there is another reason. We like the feeling of knowing that our family is able to survive in case of an emergency. We know that our family could survive for at least 6 months to a yar with the items that we currently have stockpiled.  Feeling confident that your family would be able to survive in the case of a disaster or emergency gives you significant peace of mind.

In addition to our pantry or dry goods stockpile at any given time I have 5 gallons of milk, 10 loaves of bread, 5, 1/2 gallons of orange juice as well as several cartons of eggs frozen in our deep freezer. Stockpiling gives us the ability to know that our family would be able to survive in case of an emergency whether that is a natural disaster or a job loss. We are not posting this to scare you but just to make you aware that stockpiling has another benefit for your family in addition to saving money. You should be prepared for your family in case of a crisis, loss of employment, natural disaster or emergency.

In addition to your grocery stockpile you should also stockpile water and batteries.  Other ideas that you may need in case of an emergency would include a generator, battery-powered radio, first aid kit, moist towelettes, garbage bags and a hand powered can opener.

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