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  1. says

    OK some beauty tips:. MAKEUP. . never wear lip liner a shade/shades darker than your lipstick.
    . under 30-shouldn’t be wearing lip liner anyway. . wiggle the brush as you apply mascara. . when applying lipstick to avoid tooth stains stick your index finger in your mouth and pull out. . white eyeliner on the waterline=big eyes. . the perfect shade of lipstick is on the inside of your bottom lip . . concealer, than foundation to set it. . stick concealer for eyes. . bronze can make your face look thinner etc if you do it right. . penciled eyebrows- UC no offense if you have them-it depends. . FACE AND SKIN, ZITS/PIMPLES. . puffy under/eyes? submerge 2 teaspoons in ice water for 30 minutes or as long as you can and than place on your eyes until they loose their cool can repeat if you want, you can also place the spoons in water and then in the freezer. . toner really does clean and a good one leaves it soft. . tea tree oil and toothpaste are good for blemishes. . thick masques usually pull the dirt out of your pores. . heat up about a teaspoon of milk, then dip a small piece of bread (small or big enough to cover the zit) place it on your face and put a band aid (fabric sticks better) over it, it sucks out the dirt of some black heads and puss etc. . if you can stand the heat-place a small EMPTY medicine bottle (like those small Motrin or anti nausea etc) in boiling water until hot then squeeze the air out and put it over your zit and let it suck the dirt out (it suctions to your face) [warning may cause bruising-painless but visible its like when you get one around your mug from sucking up a cup!!]. . oatmeal and sugar/lemon scrubs are better than a lot of store bought stuff. . don’t pop zits popping=scars.
    . avocado, coconut, olive oils etc are very softening to the skin.

    . loofah’s hold sooo much bacteria. . HAIR. . use a deep conditioning masque twice a week, warm it up and put it on your hair put a hair plastic shower cap on and shoot some hot air on it for 5 minutes repeat every 15 minutes for 1 hr then rinse with one batch warm water and then cold water to make it shine as cold as you can stand. . lots of brushing is really bad. . always protect your hair from the sun-any product that puts a barrier between your hair and the sun is good, creams and serums are better than sprays, they’re thicker but if you have
    fine hair than use a spray so you don’t weight it down less is always more when using makeup don’t go to over the top unless its a Halloween party!
    always take a shower/bath every day to keep ur hair from getting gross and greasy,
    definitely use a hair dryer to dry ur hair it will look much better than
    natural hair dry. if u want u shuld get highlights but dont b 2 crazy so if u have brown hair dont get whtie highlights get like a lighter color of ur hair color, if
    u hav glasses u shuld get contacts it will really make ur face look clearer and better no offense to ppl
    with glasses. if u hav braces its no big deal just make sure the colors u get are some what neutral and match things u hav in ur closet, when buying makeup dont buy oil makeup
    and always make sure u wash ur face at night!
    if u want and u think u have yellow teeth try using white strips crest white strips r definetly the best!
    ! hmm beauty sleep isnt really what it sounds like so it just means u get well rested so that u dont hav
    bags under ur eyes and ur face is all blotchy u
    shuld get a good 8-10 hours of sleep each night. if u leave mascara on when u
    go to bed nothing will happen u might get black powdery stuff around ur eyes but its
    no big deal u just wash it off in the morning!
    hope i helped u good luck!! :)

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