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FREE Groovebook Photobook

I am so excited about Groovebook Photobooks!  I am constantly taking pictures on my phone that get uploaded to Facbeook and Instagram that my husband is always saying that he never gets to see (he doesn’t have Instagram and he rarely gets on Facebook).  He was just mentioning to me over our vacation that he is afraid those pictures will never go into an “album” which I have to agree because rarely do any of our photos go into an “album” instead they go directly into a photo book.
When Groovebook reached out to out to share their new product I was very excited!  I may actually be able to surprise my husband with a photo book of pictures he has never seen :-)  I am thinking this would make a great and inexpensive gift for him!  One a month for $3.00 is a great stocking stuffer idea if you ask me!
To Get Started:
Download the Groovebook App to your phone (available for iPhone, iPad and Android).
  • Upload up to 100 photos a month from your phone
  • Receive a keepsake photo book of your photos in about 7-10 days (pay just $2.99 shipping & processing per month)
  • The books are made with quality photo-paper and perforated edges so that you can use the photos however you desire

Best of all you can try it for FREE!

Just use the coupon code: STOCKPILINGGROOVE – includes FREE shipping and processing.  

I can’t wait to hear how you like it!!!  I think this will make an amazing gift!  I am excited!

GrooveBook is a monthly service, entitling each user to a photo book
(printed and shipped) for just $2.99 a month. Users can cancel at any time
simply by sending an email to – even
right after their first, free book – meaning they will never charge them in the future or if you like this service it is a great gift idea for only $2.99!



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