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Free Summer Movies for Kids 2013

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Check out these Free Summer Movies for Kids 2013.  Not all are free this year but still an affordable option.  Hope you enjoy this list!

Carmike Theaters will host the Summer Kid Series.   Admission is $4 per person and includes admission, with kids tray that includes popcorn, drink and snack and will run for 10 weeks (see schedule for specific dates and participating theaters).

Cinemark Theaters will host the Summer Movie Clubhouse. Admission is $5 for punch card (if purchased in advance) or $1 per person per movie if not.  The movies will run for 10 weeks.

Danbarry Cinemas – $3.00 (cash) and Bargain Tuesday ($1.75) and Senior Thursday ($1.75) – Select locations will offer FREE Movies this summer – visit Danbarry for the details.

Malco Theaters will host the  Kids’ Summer Film Fest.  Admission is $2 per ticket.

Muvico Theaters is offering their Summer Film Fest. It starts showing their free summer movies at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, June 11, 2013 through August 15, 2013.

Regal Theaters will host the  2013 Summer Movie Express.   Admission is $1 per person for the summer movies – every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am and will run for 9 weeks.

Showcase Cinemas will host the Bookwookworm Wednesday’s.  Admission is FREE with a book report – fill it out here.  The movie starts are 10 am – July 10 – August 7, 2013.

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  1. Stephanie S. says

    My kids and I love going to the theater during the summer when they have these specials, and most of them are movies we’ve never seen before. We also check out DVD’s from our local library several times a week. Both options help us save a ton of money on entertainment.

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