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Stockpiling Tip – Collect Coupons at the Store

Collect Coupons at the Grocery Store

One of our best Stockpiling Tips is to collect coupons at the store.  This source for collecting coupons is often overlooked.  When shopping keep your eyes peeled for blinkies, hang tags and tear pads.  These coupons are provided by the manufacturer and you can always find them while shopping!  You should NEVER take a peelie.  Those coupons are intended for use with purchase.

Collect Coupons at the Store:

  • Blinkie – SmartSource machine with a red blinking light on it. Coupons from those machines are referred to as ‘Blinkies’
  • Hang Tag – Hangs on the neck of a product – general on a bottle.
  • Peelie – Coupon found attached to a product. You have to peel it off.
  • Tear Pad – A pad of rebates/coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display

Another tip is to collect them while shopping and then strategically use them later when an item is on sale at rock bottom!  I never take more than my fair share (meaning I don’t take more than 4 of any given coupon) or all that are available if there are only 2 I would only take 1.  Hope this helps you in your journey to building your coupon stash!

Also, always look for coupons on packages that you have purchased (inside is a great place to look).  Of course these can only be used after purchase.

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