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Stockpiling Tip – When do I stockpile?

when do I stockpile

Stockpiling Tip – When do I stockpile?  One of the most asked questions that we get is how do I know when to stockpile?  Answer.  The time to stockpile is when an item is at Rock Bottom or 70% off but how do we “know” when an item will be at rock bottom? It is hard to know for sure but if you keep a price list of items you will be able to figure out when an item is at rock bottom.  This Price Book Spreadsheet will help you with that.

Some items cycle every six weeks such as cereal and soft drinks. For example each week one brand of cereal will be at rock bottom. What you need to to do is “watch” the pricing and figure out when the brand that you want to purchase is at rock bottom and that is STOCKPILE TIME. Of course the other key of the puzzle is when you have a coupon that matches.

Some items only cycle once a year. When an item cycles only once a year you are going to need to stockpile enough of that item to last you until the next time it goes rock bottom.

When thinking about “when” it is best to use common sense. Items cycle at the time they are in demand. BBQ sauce, condiments and grilling items cycle in the summer, cold medicine cycles in the winter and oats cycle in November (baking season).

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  1. Summer says

    Can you explain how your coupon database works?
    Are you not able to click onto the item you are interested in and it take you to the coupon?

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