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$1 & Under Drug Store Deals (CVS, WAGS, Rite-Aid)


Here are the $1 & Under Drug Store Deals.   We are including the Stockpile Items at CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid each week into one handy list for you!  This is the BEST deals or what you should be stockpiling each week!

If you are new to stockpiling at CVS read our post here on how to get started at CVS and be sure to check out the current CVS Coupon Policy.

If you are new to stockpiling at Walgreen’s you may want to read our post on getting started at Walgreens. Be sure to read this post on the new Balance Rewards at Walgreen’s and Walgreen’s Mobile app too!

If you are new to stockpiling at Rite-Aid read our post here on how to Rite Aid Coupon Policy.

Be sure to join us for our Savvy Saturday with the Stockpiling Moms on 9/28/13 – only $15 for an amazing day out!


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Are you looking to purchase coupons? We have a list of suggested Coupon Clippers that we use. You can use our free Coupon Database to check for and print coupons too!  If you are just getting started this is a great place to start and check out the coupon lingo.

Ways To Save At The Store:

Weekly Deals at Kroger
Weekly Deals at Meijer
Weekly Deals at Walmart
Weekly Deals at CVS
Weekly Deals at Walgreens
Stockpile Time – Hot Steals and Deals at the Store

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