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Hopster is bringing Double Coupon Day back!!


Hopster is bringing Double Coupon Day back

Recently, big name retailers such as Safeway, Dillons, Meijer and Kroger have dropped double coupons, and it’s a shame. Valued shoppers depended on those coupons — and the fact that, one after another, the big name grocers are dropping this longstanding program this is great news.

Hopster is bringing Double Coupon Day back. We are so excited!!  Please print with us that day!!  We will be posting reminders all day on the 28th! is a new site that combines couponing and engagement for extra savings on great brands. On Wednesday, August 28th ONLY, its coupons with a face value under $1.00 will be doubled, and those $1.00 or more will be worth an additional 50 cents. Hopster believes in empowering the shopper and that by funding Double Coupons they can offer the chance to recreate the excitement as shoppers save on brands they love. With nearly 100 coupons available to print, that can add up to a lot of savings. In order to receive the extra savings, coupons have to be printed August 28th but can be redeemed anytime in the next 30 days.

Every day Hopster offers hundreds of dollars in savings and the chance for shoppers to maximize discounts on many popular brands and household products. In addition, shoppers can be rewarded with deeper discounts and highly personalized savings, for completing activities they likely will do anyway, like telling friends, engaging in social media and staying loyal to favorite brands – the more activities completed, the bigger the coupon values grow; they call it Coupon Boosting.

Thanks Hopster!


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