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Meijer Stops Doubling Coupons Chainwide



Meijer has announced that are are going to no longer double coupons Chainwide effective 8/25/13.  According to the customer service department they confirmed they are no longer doubling coupons not only in NKY but chain wide.  

As of August 25, 2013 coupons will be accepted at face value only. 

This comes of  after the announcement that Kroger NKY/Cincinnati Region will STOP Doubling effective 3/1/13 .   You can read the full post for details.

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  1. Angela says

    I read about this the other day on another website I go to for coupons and matching (albeit YOURS is the best!) but they are based in Detroit MI and have some news to read as well sometimes. It made me mad and upset me greatly but I suppose it’s what we will have to deal with thanks to those who have killed it for us honest serious people who don’t need 1000 packages of tic tacs. In any event, I will divide up my shopping between them, Kroger and Aldi. (When Aldi has milk for consistently $1.89……………..who can compete with that? Thanks for the update and rock on – you all do fantastic work!) I’d rather have one store exclusively but will go to three centrally located stores to save $.

  2. Abbie says

    I sincerely hope that Remke-Biggs will continue to double coupons. They’ve all I’ve got left. I anticipate they will get a lot more business now, at least I hope they do!

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