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How to make a Baby Diaper Cake

Baby Diaper Cake

Making a diaper cake for a baby shower or sprinkle is super easy and makes a nice gift or centerpiece for the party. I love to make these to give the parents to be because as a mom of three boys I know how many diapers they will go through 😉 To start making the diaper cake you will need a box of diapers, not the plastic packaged size but a big box full. I usually buy size 3 ( Make sure you tell the parents to be what size you used so they know). Next you will need some ribbon and I prefer to get a wide ribbon to help hold the diapers together. If it’s for a baby boy I go with blue or green, if it’s a baby girl I go with pink or purple and if it’s a surprise I go with yellow or orange ribbon. You will also need a package of tissue paper that coordinates with the ribbon you have chosen.

You start by taking the diapers and divide them into 3 groups with one group large, one medium and one small. This will help make the tiers of the cake – bottom (large), middle (medium) and top (small). Take the bottom group and start placing the diapers into a circle and bunch them together with the diapers inside each other. While keeping the diapers in a circle, wrap the ribbon around the diapers and make sure it is snug and tight. Using a stapler staple the ribbon. Then cut the ribbon and fold the ribbon back so you don’t see the seam. Add a couple more staples to make sure it will stay. Repeat this for the other layers.

Next take the tissue papers and strategically place them between the layers while stacking the diaper cake. If you want you can add bottles, pacifiers, socks, etc to the cake if you want.

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