How we got the LEGO Death Star For Free using Swag Bucks

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How we got the LEGO Star Wars Death Star for FREE using Swag Bucks!

Have you heard of Swag Bucks?  It is a free site that allows you to earn great prizes such as iPhones, iPods, concert tickets, gift cards, and more just for using their tool bar to search the Internet.  For example, a $5 eGift card is only 450 Swag Bucks!  You can also earn in other ways including playing games, making purchases, sharing opinions and more!

How we got the Death Star For Free using Swag Bucks

Why not get paid for surfing the net? You are doing it anyways so by using Swag Bucks which is powered by Google, you are actually able to earn freebies for your time.  They often offer special Swag Codes for additional points as well, so it’s not hard to rack up enough points to redeem often!  You also earn a referral bonus when your friends sign up.  On Friday you can earn double Swag Bucks!  Get double points just for surfing on Friday’s!  You can also watch videos to earn even more Swag Bucks!  I love to use Swag Bucks to pay for my Christmas gift giving.  It is a great way to save out of my gift giving budget.

So how did we get the Death Star for FREE?  Two years ago my son asked for the Death Star for Christmas.  I knew that was something that we could NEVER be able to afford as it would take our whole gift giving budget so I decided to think outside of the box and see if there was a way I could earn it for him for free.  I started saving my Swag Bucks and after a year of saving I was able to cash them in for $400 in bucks!  In turn I placed the Death Star in my shopping cart and got it for FREE.

How we got the Star Wars Death Star for FREE using Swag Bucks! #Christmas #ChristmasInJuly

Now, I know some of you are thinking that this was an over the top gift and yes, it is.  However, I knew this was not going something my son would enjoy but my husband would too!  In the end it is the best gift I have ever (earned for free).  It provided my son and husband an amazing bonding experience.  They actually tracked their time and it took 27 hours to build the Death Star together.  It is something that they will treasure and always remember.  I think the Death Star is something that Peyton will be able to pass down to his kids!

I suggest banking your Swag Bucks and treating it as a Christmas club account.  Redeem your Swag Bucks in December for Christmas gifts for FREE!  Another way to Stockpile for the Holiday’s!

How do you sign up?

It’s super easy! Sign up at and fill out your information.

Tips for maximizing your earnings:

• Download one of the Swag Bucks browser plugins to earn for the searches you normally do.

• Follow @SwagBucks on Twitter for updates on new Swag Codes. (enter these in the left-hand column on your Swag Bucks account page)

• Read the Swag Bucks blog for updates on new features as well as info on Swag Codes.

• Shop online through Swag Bucks to earn SB on purchases.

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