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Uses and Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Uses and Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil

Today I am sharing with you the uses and benefits of Geranium Essential Oil. I love Geranium Oil. It is one of my favorite oils. Dr. Hill calls it the “poor mans” Rose. I am fine with that. It gives me the same benefit for 1/8 of the cost!  In fact when I first got Geranium I tasted it – yes you read that right…I love the taste, which tells me my body could use this essential oil  I normally use it topically however call me crazy I still use it orally too!  I find it works really well for my acne.

Uses and Benefits of Geranium Essential Oil:


Common Health Concerns

Cuts and Wounds
Gum/Mouth Problems
Hormone Support
Menstrual Problems
Skin Disorders
Sore Throat
Stomach Ache
Throat Infections

About Geranium:

The variety of Geranium’s properties give it a wealth of beneficial uses. It has been used to soothe inflammation, irritated skin, bruises and even burns. Some report it has a balancing effect on sebum production that makes it great for acne as well as both dry and oily skin problems. Due to its analgesic characteristics it is often used as a topical agent for individuals suffering with arthritis or rheumatism. Geranium stimulates the immune system, aids in poor circulation, and is anti-mucolytic.

It has a pleasing aroma, is uplifting to the mood, and has a calming effect on the nervous system that is pronounced. It may be applied directly to the skin, diluted for an ointment or used with a diffuser.

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  1. ALB says

    Hi there! I’ve also been researching Geranium & was so excited to receive my doTERRA order so I could try it on my acne. When I opened the bottle I took a whiff & it smelled similar to paint thinner, I tried to put it on my neck(I get pimples here by my hairline) but the smell was so strong that i had t wash it off. I was so bummed!! Is this something that is normal or does the smell fade within a period of time? I’m not usually sensitive to oil smells so this one caught me off guard but I REALLY want to use it!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    • Barbie says

      Geranium oil does have a pungent smell no doubt. I’ve used it before on my face for skin problems and disliked the smell also. However the benefits of this oil make it worth smelling like a stinky flower for a little bit. The smell does disopate after a short while. You just have to tough it out for a few minutes ….meanwhile you can’t get away from yourself! Lol

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