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Hilton Head Island, SC Review

Hilton Head Island, SC - A relaxing family destination

Hilton Head Island, SC is a great family friendly vacation destination. I have been going to Hilton Head, SC since I was a little girl. The first time that we went we were all in shock. It is very different from other destinations like Myrtle Beach or Daytona Beach. It is about an hour off the exit and when you get there you will notice it is a little upscale and aesthetically the buildings are all similar.

The zoning and planning board strategically designed that and maintains that buildings must “blend in” to the island in terms of natural settings. I LOVE that! In fact it is part of the charm and one of the reasons why we go back year to year. Also, you will NOT find all the “hype” and activities that you will at other destinations.

Hilton Head Island, SC Review:

If you are looking for a relaxing family vacation or couples retreat then look no further. Hilton Head Island is your destination. You will not find go-carts, amusement rides or junky surf shops. What you will find is nice family dining choices, a couple of nice mini golf courses and the beach!  There is also some AMAZING shopping!  There is an awesome outlet mall and nice shops in Coligny Plaza.   No trip is complete without a trip to visit the Salty Dog restaurant too!

There are NO high rise buildings or condos in the main area of the beach. The beach is clean and nice and there is NO driving on the beach. Most of the low rise buildings are condos and there are lots of nice houses to rent. Many families cook their own meals. The grocery costs are much higher so I suggest packing and bring all of your non perishable items with you pending on the distance of your drive to save money.

In my opinion spending money on your accommodations is key. This is where you will spend the majority of your time. There are lots of great Early Bird dining specials available too! I had no problem eating gluten free when we went to Hilton Head. One of my favorite locations was Skillets Cafe and Grill (they even have gluten free bread).

The highlight of our trip was spending time with family, relaxing and walks on the beach. If you are looking for these in a vacation I would suggest Hilton Head Island, SC.

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Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post my parents took us on this family vacation.

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