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How to make a coffee filter from a paper towel

How to make a coffee filter from a paper towel - great tip for travel!

If you are ever finding yourself in need of coffee and you don’t have a coffee filter then this tip is for you!  We recently traveled to Orlando and stayed in a gorgeous vacation home.  My husband woke up and realized there was NO coffee filters. We had coffee but no filters.  Instead of going out for expensive coffee or purchasing filters for a coffee maker that we don’t have at home we got creative and made our own coffee filters from paper towels.

How to make a coffee filter from a paper towel:

1.  Step One:  Take a full sized paper towel and lay flat

2.  Step Two:  Fold the paper towel in half (vertically)

3.  Step Three:  Fold the paper towel in half again (now in a square)

4.  Step Four:  Take the folded paper towel and create a “pocket” for your coffee grinds and place into the coffee pot (where the filter would go)

5.  Step Five:  Add your coffee grinds

6.  Step Six:  Fold the edges under so that the coffee pot lid closes

7.  Step Seven:  Add water and turn on

8:  Step Eight: Enjoy your coffee

It is that simple!  Hard to believe that you can easily make a coffee filter with a paper towel when you are in a bind!  This is a great tip to keep in mind when you are traveling on vacation like we were or you wake up and find yourself without a coffee filter.

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  1. mandy says

    Haha, I’m in Orlando, in a beautiful Vacation home and I just realized I don’t have any coffee filters, so I searched to see if a paper towel could be used! Thanks!

  2. Suzanne says

    Ha, ha! Ditto the above comment – except replace beautiful, vacation home in Orlando” with “adequate air bnb condo in Washington, DC”! I thought to buy coffee,stevia and creamer – but not filters. Thanks for the helpful tip!

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