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Earn over $25 at Costco!
Tide® Products – Advanced Power HE Liquid, Base HE Liquid or Base Liquid – Any size. $3.00
Dawn® Advanced Power Dish Wash – 96 oz. bottle only. $1.75
Oral B® CRISSCROSS™ Toothbrushes – 8 ct. pack or larger. $2.75
Cascade® Advanced Power™ – Any variety – Any size. $3.00
Downy® Fabric Softener – Any variety – 170 oz. bottle only. $2.50
Duracell® AA or AAA Batteries – AA or AAA variety only – 24 pack or larger. $3.00
Bounty® Paper Towels – Any variety – 12 pack only. $3.00
Charmin® Ultra Soft Toilet Paper – 30 pack only. $3.00
P&G at Costco Bonus: Earn an extra $3.00 when you redeem any 3 (three) of the Procter & Gamble rebates at Costco!
Dress Up Your Salad with Wishbone
Wish-Bone® Salad Dressing – Any variety – 16 oz. or larger pourable bottle,  2.1 oz. or larger dry mix. $1.00
A Little Taste of Paradise
FIJI Water – 1 L. Bottle only. $.50
When Other Superfoods Can’t, Pumpkin Can

Libby’s® 100% Pure Pumpkin – 8 oz. can or larger. $.50

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