Dolphin Tale 2 Screening Giveaway – CLOSED

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Dolphin Tale 2

UPDATE:  This giveaway is CLOSED

The winner is:

We are so excited to share with you an amazing opportunity to see Dolphin Tale 2 before it releases to the public. We have a special screening giveaway which will be at Kenwood 9 Theater in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, September 6, 2014 at 10:30 am. If you are interested in winning we have tickets for the screening to giveaway!

Theater Located:

7815 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

About the film:

When DOLPHIN TALE opened in theaters in September 2011, audiences of all ages fell in love with Winter the dolphin (we sure did). The film defied the norms for a family movie opening in September and grossed $75 million at the domestic box-office and it also became a huge hit on DVD and pay-per-view.   We personally own it ourselves and can’t count the number of times we have watched it.

Now comes the inspired true story of Hope, the baby dolphin who was befriended by Winter when she arrived at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) just as the first film was wrapping production.

Director Charles Martin Smith and the film’s producers got all of the original cast members to return for this film including Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble, Kris Kristofferson, Cozi Zuehsdorff and Morgan Freeman.  What an amazing cast!

The first film has inspired many people from across North America and around the world — handicapped and non-handicapped alike — to visit the CMA whose mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release dolphins and other marine animals along the Gulf coast of Florida. Audiences will be equally inspired by this new story when it opens.  We personally can’t wait to see the film! Dolphin Tale 2 opens on September 12, 2014.  The film is rated PG for some mild thematic elements.  I personally found Dolphin Tale to be a film suited for the whole family but that is for you to decide.

We are super excited to host a ticket giveaway for Dolphin Tale 2 for our local readers.  The giveaway ends on 8/28/14 at 9 pm ET.  The tickets are for the September 6th showing at 10:30 am in Cincinnati, OH (4 tickets per winner) so please be sure you can attend if you enter.

Dolphin Tale 2 Giveaway:

To Enter:  We are keeping this fun and simple – just make a comment with who you will bring.

Bonus Entries:  Make as many comments as you want as long as they are about Dolphins or Dolphin Tale!

Disclosure:  We were provided free tickets to see Dolphin Tale 2 and will be attending the showing on September 6th.  We can’t wait to meet some of you there!  All opinions are 100% our own.


  1. Kimberly Lonsbury says:

    I will bring my friend Hillary. I would love to see the movie because one of the trainers in the movie is a friend of mine from high school that lives in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

  2. My kids loved Dolphin Tale- I will be bringing them!

  3. I’ll bring my daughter

  4. Dolphin tale is based on a true story.

  5. Jessica smith says:

    I will bring my daughter or Gretchen

  6. I LOVED the first one and if I won I would take my mom with me to see this one.

  7. I will take my daughter, Sophie, she loves dolphins.

  8. Fun fact’ I have a niece who is a dolphin trainer at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai. Dream trip would be to go & see her.

  9. My my 7 and 8 year old daughters found out Dolphin 2 was coming out, they literally screamed. They are asking everyday when we can go see it.

  10. My 8 year old wants to go to Florida to see Winter.

  11. This would be a great morning adventure for me, husband and two girls.

  12. Felicia Anderson says:

    I would bring my daughter.

  13. I would bring my daughter and/or son. We love Dolphin Tale!

  14. I would bring my daughter, husband, and mom. All three love the ocean and the sea creatures!