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Jif Whips Limited Edition S’mores

Jif Whips S'mores - A yummy Back-to-School Treat!

For a limited time Jif Whips has a new seasonal variety! The Jif Whipped Peanut Butter & S’mores  is a light and fluffy sweet treat that everyone will love.  What I love is when now my family requests S’mores now I don’t have to build a fire :-)  Jif Whipped Peanut Butter & S’mores Flavored Spread combines all of the gooey goodness of your favorite fireside treat in a smooth and fluffy mixture of chocolate peanut butter with delicious hints of sweet marshmallow and honey graham crackers.  This new twist on the campfire classic is perfect for spreading, dipping and dunking a variety of delicious summertime snacks. We think it is perfect for Back-to-School snacking too.  Be sure to stockpile it now before it is gone!


My family tried Jif Whips S’mores and they LOVED it!  It is a combination of Jif peanut butter and S’mores with a smooth and fluffy whipped texture.  Best of all it comes in a wide-mouth tub which is convenient for spreading and snacking.  It is only available now through the end of August, 2014.

My husband couldn’t believe the taste.  He said it has a really light taste of peanut butter.  He says that it is incredible how Jif was able to combine chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker taste of s’mores in one creamy spread.  He loved the snack I prepared on graham crackers.  We also think it would be yummy on a sandwich, apples, celery or even frozen with bananas!  He is also thinking with vanilla ice cream :-)  Regardless of how you decide to eat it, my family gives this one two thumbs up!

Have you tried Jif Whips S’mores?  

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  1. says

    First off, yum.

    I haven’t seen this in the store yet but now I know to keep an eye out for the Jif Whips S’mores spread. I’m thinking putting it on an english muffin for myself, or maybe heat it up on the stove and drizzle it over some popcorn maybe?

    Thank you to Stockpiling Moms and to Jif for this wonderful idea!

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