Laundry Room Organization

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repurpose lemonade container

I love to recycle items that I have already used.  I have been looking for a way to organize my clothes pins in my laundry room when it hit me!  I decided to use a large Country Time Lemonade container.  This was a great way to Re-purpose a Lemonade Container for Laundry Room Organization.  Now my clothes pins are easy to find and I was able to give the empty container a new life!  I love when that works out!  This is a great Earth Day project idea!

Laundry Room Organization:


  • Empty Drink Container (Tang, Kool-Aid or Country Time Lemonade work well)
  • Clothes Pins


  • Wash and Dry your Container
  • Add Clothes Pins
  • Label the Lid

That is it!  A really simple idea and great way to stay organized.  I hope this tip helps you!

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