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Lenovo 2S All In One Gaming Family Review

As we have shared our love of the Lenovo 2S All In One over he past several weeks, we have learned that it truly is a great choice for a family computer.  With almost every family out there connecting online with various devices, it is always nice to find a system that works for everyone in the family for what they need.  We were lucky enough to be a part of this Lenovo 2S All In One review opportunity sponsored by Intel, and as a result have discovered one of the best family computer systems yet!


As we have talked about before, the Lenovo 2S All In One is a system that allows for desktop style use with a keyboard and mouse, as well as tablet style use with it’s great touchscreen.  For us that means we can have it setup in the office or even at the kitchen table to do things like menu planning, family budgeting and bogging just like we would with a traditional desktop computer system.  Yet, when our son comes home from school he can unplug and take it to the couch to work on homework, play Minecraft or look up fun YouTube videos with information on his favorite science projects.  It is truly a computer that meets the needs of everyone in your family.

Lenovo 2S All In One Gaming Family Review

The large size seemed a bit daunting at first considering our desire to use it for games and videos away from the desk, but it is so lightweight it really is easy to carry around and setup wherever you need.   A high resolution screen meant that we get to look at all f our favorite apps in full color so much nicer than what a small smartphone or traditional tablet would be.  Our son especially loves that we can all three sit together and since it is large enough, play a game all together on the same computer as it sits on one of our laps in front of us.  It has been excellent for family bonding, and has taken a whole new meaning for us and family game nights.

Lenovo 2S All In One Gaming Family Review

If you are looking for a high quality all in one computer with touchscreen and high resolution screen his Lenovo 2S All In One is the perfect choice for you.  Large screen, excellent display and of course affordability for most families it’s a great investment we are happy to have had the chance to review for Intel.

Lenovo 2S All In One Gaming Family Review

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